Get filters from subform to mainform?


When returning to the mainform, I need to know what filtres the user set on the subform. E.g. Form 42 and 46. Is it the SETSELECTIONFILTER? If so, can someone point me to some availible code that is usefull or some home made examples.


One simple solution:

On Form 46 make a new function, ShowFilter, containing “EXIT(GETFILTERS);”

On form 42 make a call to CurrForm.SalesLines.FORM.ShowFilter

Seams like neat solution, but when I compile the new function I get an error. Can U be a bit more precise on the code, pls?


Have you defined ‘Return Value’ in the function on form 46?

No, I’m not very familier with functions but I’ll try.

Thanx for the tip!


YES [:)]

It works very nice!

Thanx alot!