get files from sharepoint to Dynamics NAV

My goal is to get files from sharepoint to store in a table in dynamics nav.

i have created a BC connection in flow, but the table to choose from is limited. Turns out those are API, so i created one, but it still doesn’t show in the flow action.

I tried to store file content into table “attachments”. yet it shows error 400 bad requests every time.

Does anyone ever try to get files from sharepoint or onedrive using flow and store then into the BLOB fields in the NAV tables?

Exactly what are we talking about here? Is it about Dynamics NAV or is it about Business Central (saas or on-premise)??

If you want to use Flow and API’s then you cannot do it with Dynamics NAV as it is not supported. For BC you have the API’s and whatever tables and fields they expose.

If you want to store these files in new tables, then you would also need to extend the API’s by create a new API page object.

Personally I have not tried with flow, but I’m curious to why you selected that approach?

Thanks for your reply.

I am working on BC on-premise version.

I did create a new API page object, and it shows up on the “API Web Service” table.
But the thing is that i still can’t find this newly created API from the Flow action.

I was hoping to get files from sharepoint to the table field BLOB that connected to the API.

Btw i selected this approach because all my files are stored on sharepoint and i need to use them for importing in BC, and i can’t find another way to do it.