Get fields value ina a Page

Hi All,

Firstly, I will try to give You info : When I am creating new line in purchase order (with type::Item) and when value for “Qty to receive” is filled in, should be run NEW PAGE where can be divided in qty in a several qty.

My problem is: that when NEW PAGE(fields: Item No, … fields that should be filled in…) is run, in a “Item No” text box should automatically appears the “Item No” and "Qty to receive"that are chosen/set in purchase order for that line. I don’t now how to get this because that should happen in time when purchase is in process of creating.

So:Creating new line in purchase order: Item No, …Qty to Receive…when the value of this field is entered → run the page where Item No and Qty to Receive are not editable end should be taken from line of Purchase order that is creating, in that moment.

Is this understandable explained or should I try to explain more specific

Please explain it a bit more. Have no idea what you’re writing or asking.