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Hi I Want To Get The value of the Big Flight Id in the first pic and let Big Flight ID in the second pic equal it…

The two’s are from different page and different tables

TY :slight_smile:

Hi Oussama,

Ok, and how did you think you could do this? How did you consider to solve this problem yourself? Are there any relationship between the two tables and the ID? Not really sure what you’re trying to do or how your data-model is.

And really I don’t care that much about the specifics. I’ll love to help you if you have a specific problem, not do your work for you, if you understand. When you ask questions you should try to simplify your description as much as possible and remove any irrelevant details. Just keep the core of your challenge and describe what you have tried to solve it. This way our members will be able to much faster understand your problem and what you already did and it will be much easier for us to answer it. Hate when I have to answer like this, did it many times already, but at least most users will learn after a few times… Some will never. Hope that you’re in the first group. [:)]