Get bitmap from clipboard

I am using the chartfx class to generate a graph. Now I would like to have the visual design of this grpah to be sent to a report. I succeeded in sending the current view as a bitmap to the clipboard, but I don’t know how to restore this clipboard-image into a bitmap-object in Axapta. The code should be doing something like the textbuffer class, but then more like this: Bitmap bitmap; ; bitmap = newBitmapClass.getFromClipboard(); Anyone an idea ?

hi there. On the Tutorial_window you will find examples how to put image to cliboard or get picture from cliboard. i hope it will help you. Regards.

Thanks ! If anyone is ever interested, here is the code (located in the execute-section of a report in my case): Image image = new Image(); str fileName = WinApi::getTempPath() +“AxBitmap.bmp”; ReportBitmapControl bitmapControl; ; image.clipboardPaste(); image.saveFile(fileName); bitmapControl = this.addBitmapControl(); bitmapControl.imageName(fileName); WinApi::emptyClipboard(); super(); I don’t know if there are other (and even better solutions), but this works fine for me. If anyony has other idea’s, please feel free to post :slight_smile: