Get and display serial number in report sales shipment


I search for two days…

I need to display serial numbers in report “sales shipment”. I would like displayed serial numbers for each line.

Example :

line 1 ITEM44 Qty : 3




line 2 ITEM55 Qty : 1


I have tried to base myself on report 208 (RetrieveDocumentItemTracking), but the serial numbers is not linked with line.

Please can you help me ?

Hi Sebastien,

did you fix it already?


Can you show the design pattern of your report.

Hi Ernst,

No, my problem isn’t solved.

Hi Manish,

What do you need? dataset? code? layout?

My custom current report doesn’t use serial tracking.

I tried to use original report 208 (with serial tracking) but the serials numbers are not included in each line.

I think this report uses codeunit (RetrieveDocumentItemTracking) and doesn’t allow it.

Do you have report model with serial number on each line?

Thank you for your kind reply,


We enter manualy the serials numbers in “Item Tracking Lines” when we are doing shipment.


My problem is fixed.

I have used “RetrieveDocumentItemTracking” in the code and some filters in the layout.