German TAX set-up

I’m looking for a german TAX set-up AX2009 for one of my customers. Can anybody help me by letting my know where I can find one.

Thanks in advance,

Hello Matt,

You can find some information via the following links: dynamics ax 2009

The setup of the German sales tax and the sales tax setup in the Netherlands should not be very much different as both countries are members of the European Union.

Hope it helps.



Thank you Ludwig for your answer!

The first link is very usefull for me. But i’m still looking for a german VAT set-up example, with sales tax codes, sales tax groups and item sales tax groups. I was hoping find an written example or maybe an dat.\def. file which i can import. I know this excist for other countries.



Hello Matt,

Unfortunately, I have not heared of an automatic import file for the German tax setup.

If there would be one, I would also certainly be interested in :slight_smile:

Sorry, I do not have such a file or information.