Geographically distributed clients

We have been having complaints from users that are geographically distant from our servers that the first time they use a given component in an session, the interface takes a while to come up. Thereafter, things are fine. I suppose this would be due to caching behavior, with interface data being read from the AOS at client startup and cached thereafter; only to be discarded when the client is closed. Is it at all possible to make this client-side caching persistent? The other possible solution we considered for this is setting up an AOS closer to the clients, and setting up the table caching on the AOS appropriately. Would this be recommended? What is the usual configuration for sites separated over great distances? Thanks, Matt

Hi, You have not mentioned details about your current architecture, type of clients, bandwidth, latency etc. Generally speaking, in such cases best way to setup system would be combine WTS/Citrix with AOS. Depending on number of users, you can also setup WTS/Citrix cluster with AOS load balance cluster. The reason to combine AOS with WTS/Citrix mainly because AOS would take away client workload from WTS/Citrix server. And never place AOS away from database server. They need to remain closely coupled. Regarding slow response, there could be many reasons for this. For example, if ‘Inititalize database for unicode’ is used wrongly, then you can expect slow response. To speed up response, you can try using master.aoc file. Also if I remember right, this topic has already been discussed in this forum. Do please read those posts as well. Good luck, Harish Mohanbabu