GENJNL line - post only VAT

hi All,

I would need to post a G/L entry with amount X and same amount on VAT Entry as VAT . What is the right approach for this ? I dont seem to find a good example in the code …



Welcome to DUG!!!

What is version of NAV you are using ??

You can use the VAT setup type “Full VAT”. This will create a G/L Entry (to the VAT account) and a VAT Entry of the full amount.

What you do is to create a new VAT Prod. Posting Group, ex. FULLVAT. Here you specify the G/L Account you want the post to be posted to. In you general journal you then use the same G/L Account and VAT Prod. Posting Group and the amount will be posted in full to both G/L Entry and VAT Entry.