Generation of check number in payment journal module


We have encountered a problem during payment posting in payment journal module. When generating of payment the payment by check module was supposed to be editable and the check number can be type written. But when we are posting a transaction today, the from field was now locked and has generated an automatic check number. Please help me solve this issue.

Thank you

In two situations it will be available for edit,

  1. If the Check number method on check layout is Free.

  2. If Allow check reuse is enabled in Bank parameters.

Hi Kranith,

I have checked the box of allow check reuse. But i can’t find the check layout.

THank you so much for your reply

The check number will be available for edit in either of the situations. Check layout will be on the bank accounts → setup ->click Check

HI Kranthi,

Alright! This was helpful, thank you so much. My problem was solved.

Thank you [:)]

Hi Kranthi,

I Have a follow-up question on this. what will i do if the error message says “Check 68634106 already exists. The job has been canceled.” But upon checking in checks table, the status is “Created”. no transactions were posted in this check number.

please help. Thanks