Generating recurring invoice?


I want to generate a recurring invoice based on some date condition? I am not able to trace the form from where the system picking these parameters in design level. In the form the designing part is empty.

Account Receivable>>Periodic>>recurring invoice>>generating recurring invoice.

Pls help me.



This is not a form, A dialog, the fields will be build during the runTime, You should look at \Classes\CustRecurrenceInvoiceUIBuilder\postBuild where it uses the \Classes\CustRecurrenceInvoiceDataContract.

Instead of adding a date fields, have you tried by modifying the query(click on select) and by adding the required tables to the existing customers table.

Hi Kranthi,

I want to validate the Invoice Date based on FromDate and Todate. I am adding these 2 fields in FreeTextInvoiceTemplate Invoice line level Tab.

Based on These 2 fields I want to validate the Invoice Date. where I will write the code for validation of this invoice date.

For Ex: I enter the Invoice date in Generating recurrence invoice form and attach the template and click on ok button. After that It will check the fromdate and todate.

within the dates, the invoice date is created otherwise it is ignored. Pls help me where I have to this validation code.



Hi Balu,

Did you find any solution for it.

Well I have no conditions to imply, I just want to automate the system as soon as the Recurrence Invoice is generated, based on that info the the invoice should be generated and posted.

Thanks in Advance

Shivam Kotwalia