Generating an electronic signal from Navision

Hi All, Can anyone help me and tell me how to generate an electronic signal from Navision to operate the cash box. Thanks

You could send a string via the serial port to open your till. You can register an OCX in Navision to open the COM ports and send command to operate your cash box

Totaly depends on how your cash box can be interfaced.

Hi Jan, Can you please advise which type of cash box should be easier and better or atleast some more info. At the moment we do have a choice to advise what type of cash box they need if we can’t use their old one. Thanks Munawwar

You can also write a small application (in VB, C/C++) which just open then cash box - and call the application from your navision system (using the SHELL-command).

I have no experience with cashboxes but i gues the best thing to do is search for a cash box that comes with an existing interface such as a DLL that you can call from within Navision. This would make it a lot easier for you to operate a cashbox instead of inventing the connection interface yourself. I’m not sure if cash boxes exist that supply an interface as a DLL but if they don’t then i see a very good market in it :wink:

Most of the cash drawers I’ve worked with have opened with something as simple as a single ascii character - usually a BEL (asc007 if I remember). If you want to go the lo-tech route, just create a batch file that echos the Ascii 007 to the output port you need - usually either LPT1 or COMx. Then just call the batch file from your program object. The documentation that came with your drawer will probably specify the precise open string.