Generate the random number


I want to generate a random number.

but the condition is it should be 15 digits. Last should be 0 if decimal in price 25.54 like 123456789025540

. Last digit should be 1 if no decimal 2554 like 789456123725541 …

But it should show the amount also the black in the above random number…

That’s several different requirements. What specifically are you struggling with?

I´m not technical expert, but I would generate a randon number of ten digits, that would be segment #1, I would take the Price * 100 to get my segment #2, and finally for segment #3 I would look for a function to know if the last two places of the Price is equal to ‘00’ then 1 else 0.

Then concatenate the three segments ‘1234567890’ + ‘2554’ + ‘0’

Thanks Cazot, for your quick reply. Your solution has resolved my problem. :slight_smile:

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