Generate Quotation with Business Relations(CRM)

Hi All,


I am not able to “Confirm” the generated Quotaion using Business Relation a/c.


I have created a new quotation using Business Relation a/c, added a quotation line(item) and set to the “Sent” status. Now i wanted to “Confirm” the this quotation but the option “Updates”->“Confirmation” is Disabled.

I have already set all the fields required for this quotation i.e. Sales responsible, site, warehouse, delivery dates etc.

I can be able to perform the above steps using “Customer” a/c.

Can anyone suggest me which settings i am missing here?

Confirmation confirms it to a sales order, a sales order can only be processed against a customer which means your business relation is not yet a customer. Use the function to convert the business relation to a customer, then the confirm is activated.