generate dynamic output in report

Hello all together, I have a question about generating reports. Is there a possibility to generate a report field in a dynamic way? For better understanding, I try to explain my goal: - I generated a array str array[10] - I filled the array with the found contents (for example there are 5 contents, so array[1] to array[5] are filled with the contents, array[6] to array[10] are empty) - I don´t know the count of the filled arrays before starting the report, so how can I give out only the contents of the arrays, in that are some contents, and break if there is no content in array? Is there a possibility to create the display-field in a dynamical way such as the following pseudo-code: for (i=1; i<=10; i++) { if (array[i]) { generate displayfiled; displayfield = array[i]; else break; } JoxWayne

hello, me again! I am not sure if my problem is understandable. I´m looking for a sollution for a Method just like this: Display str array() { int i; ; for(i=1; i<=10; i++) { if (!array[i]) break; return array[i]; } } But this method doesn´t work. It only gives back the content of the first array. I think the reason is that I have only one field to put the content in. What can I do? JoxWayne

OK I solved the problem myself. I give out the contents to a programmable section, so I don´t have to know how many records are in the array. sorry for my massposting JoxWayne