Generate bookmark for Hyper link


I am trying to create a hyperlink to a nav page in a report.


how do i generate the bookmark? what kind of logic is it?

the page i am accessing is sale price page

Ever had a look in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Developer and IT Pro Documentation aka C/SIDE Reference Guide? For exmaple this topic: Creating and Running Hyperlinks.

Note that this topic only address RTC hyperlinks.

you have to work with recref variables

so for example a bookmark for customer

Customer - onAfterGetRecord



Textbox SourceExpr = FORMAT(RecRef.RECORDID,0,10)

Expl: 10 = base64 encoding - only works in RTC - no differences if you run the report in classic




If you have different companies or server pleae be sure that you setup correct the “dynamicsNAV:” link.

You can download demo reports here where you will find a working sample

if you have further question pls contact me.

Thanks, for replying so fast

The code you told me seem to retrieve 1 record only. The page I am trying to hyperlink to is a sale price page(id:7002). I need to pass in Item no filter to that page so it will display all the records with the matching item no. Am i screwed then?


its not supported at the moment to pass filter on fields which are not the primary key to a page.


  • create a new page with

  • item table and item sales table intended.

this is the only workaround which is working at the moment.

(same problem like customer balance and you want to show the ledger entries. you have to create a new page with master table customer and ledger entries intended)

Let me know if I you have more questions!




If this is still a problem then I may be able to help you. I’m writing a small tool that will launch a page in RTC from the command line. You will be able to specify a key for the record to be shown when the page is opened. This could be used for something like showing a specific customer or contact.

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I’m new to NAV development and I have the same issue with needing to open a hyperlink to a specific customer. Do you have any more specific details on how I can do this?

I’ve seen how I can create a bookmark using a report in a custom field but would prefer to have this dynamically created each time - is there any way to do this?



Hi Ben,

I’m a software developer and I have considered making a small command line utility that can create these links. Do you think your customer would be willing to pay me for the development?



Microsoft has released new function called GETURL in NAV2013R2 for this