"general" triggers

are there in navision kind of general triggers (i.e. in CU 1…?!) which are fired if someone starts any report or any form or…?!

thanks in advance, claus!

Sure, but you will need development license to change them… it exists OnOpenForm, OnInsert, OnInitReport, etc…

hm, ok… i’ll try again, may my expression was not that good, sry for this… :slight_smile:
the thing is, i am a navision developer, so i know the “standard” triggers… like “OnOpenForm”, etc…
but i’m looking for a trigger like “OnOpenAnyForm” which is always fired, if any form is being opened…

thx in advance, clasu

I read it again and your expression was ok, my english was more bad jajaja

On the other hand I know no way of doing what you request and I have never heard about it. Maybe you can investigate something similar with the Change Log (Administration → Application Setup → Change Log Setup): this allows you to activate a user log where is stored all “movements” and maybe you can add code to the table and manipulate when user’s open forms, reports.

Sorry but I can’t help you more on this way [:’(]

What are you trying to do?

well … i don’t know wht u really trying to do… but if u wanna know that, what happens at backend, or what queries are fired at “OnOpenOfAnyForm” then

I would suggest you to open the SQL Profiler for the same server and observe the backend code fired in SQL for your activities in Navision.

If u analyse the SQL code closely you ll surely get your answer.

thanks and regards


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