General Product Posting Group and Job Journal

Hello, I have one problem with Gen.Product group. I have created one column for Work Types in Job Journal. The idea is that Work Types is related to Items, so that I could get the Gen. Product Posting Group from Items. Especially some costs has to be routed to different accounts with the help of posting groups. Type in Journal has to be resource, so that different Recource Prices can be get. I have tried to catch the Gen.Prod.Posting Group from that Work Type Code, but I have not been able to do it. Does anybody have a solution for this or any suggestion. 6,ng +

Since in my test I’m not reproducing your problem, I would guess I didn’t properly understand your problem definition. What I did for a test was make a Job Journal entry for a Resource. Then I selected a Product Posting Group from the list of choices - all the defined Product Posting Groups appeared to be available to me. So I didn’t see your problem. Work Type didn’t seem to have any bearing on what Product Posting Groups were available. Could you define what you did differently than I did that made your problem appear? Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

Hi Elena, I would suggest the following: Add “General product posting group” field to the Work type table and Fill up required GPPG to the Respective Work types. Then when you choose the work type in Job journal you can make the sytem get the GPPG from the Work type table and overide the GPPG which comes automatically from Resource . Let me know if you need to discuss further. Regards Kartikeya Pasumarti Datahelp Inc 520 290 8870