General Ledger reporting

I am using NAV 2009 SP1

Is there a base NAV report that shows General ledger detail transactions for all acct’s?

I don’t understand how I can get detailed Journal transactions from last year when journal transactions are deleted when they are posted to the GL

You don’t need a report for this purpose, much more flexible way is as follows:

  • Open Chart of Accounts
  • Drill down to ANY account’s details
  • …and play with filtering as you wish & need.

initially you’ll get entries only for that account from which you drilled down to GL Entries, if you wish to see all accounts, simply clear GL Acc No filter.

You can filter by all fields here, wisely combining gives you more flexibility and data mining options any report could ever offer.

I need to create a GL detail csv and send it over for audit review. I am able to navigate to the chart of accounts and drill in with “navigate” and then “show” to get the detail, but is there a way to produce a massive csv out of this information

Audit time [;)] I have been preparing such data as you need for ages…

Remove all filters from General Ledger entry form, except required Posting date range, and copy/paste (or export, depending on which Navision version you use) all the lines to Excel. This will give you all GL entries in that date range.

Alternatively (you state in your profile that you are a programmer), you can write TSQL scripts which do that. I have a bunch, doing that and more, adding Shortcut dims which are stored in other table, replacing all Codes with their respective Descriptions and so on. The same with Vendor, Client, BankAcc and FA ledgers.

As well as you can write a dataport for extracting the data and create .csv file