General Ledger entries are cero, don't show in the general ledger entries list.


When I go to Financial management > General Ledger > Chart of Account > Net Change > list of General Ledger entries, they show me the list of the Ledger entries eliminated, how can I do to don’t show the ledger entries that are cero.

Hi Patricia,

let me guess: You are working in a company which is the consolidated view of the corp, right? If yes, those entries are overwritten by a later consolidation run (but remain in the G/L table). You can safely filter by Amount <> 0 in the G/L Entries. Unfortunately, this won’t work well from the chart of accounts form/page, since you look from the balance at date or net change flowfield by drilldown to the entries. If you are a developer and know what you’re doing, you could change the calcformula in the G/L account table to suppress the empty entries.

If you’re not working in a consolidated company, then it’s strange… usually you don’t get G/L entries with an account and a zero amount. Only “late” applications of customer and vendor ledger entries can create these, on the A/R and A/P account.

with best regards


Hi Jens,

Yes I am working in a company which is the consolidated view of the corp. thanks fot the advice.