General Journal


When I try to post a general journal line I get the following error message "Field Gen. Posting Type in table general journal must have a value. it cannot be zero or empty. " When I set the value to purchase it tells me that the amount is out of balance even though the total equals to 0. have not defined any posting groups for that particular G/L account. Is this why I am getting this error?

Can someone please help me?


For GL accounts there is no need of posting groups. Posting groups are used to link “second-tier” objects (e.g. Customers, Vendors, Fixed Assets, etc) to the appropriate GL account. The posting group (or a combination) is a key for Navision to find out where to record a specific value of money.

Check what you are trying to post - Account Type and Balancing Account Type.

And one more thing - since you ask such questions I would strongly advise you to read the manuals on Financials again. I hope you take this advice the right way. Financials is the core. If you don’t know clearly how General Journals work - then you need to study a bit more. Typically the errors there are quite clear. [;)]

There is a line no in the error message. How do I know which journal line corresponds to line number?

Show the Line No. column.

Sorry, you don’t have it in the form. Step on a line and press Ctrl+F8. You will see more about the line. Search for line number