General journal import

Hi again,

I have a user question which I think I already know the answer to, but I want to doublecheck it here.

To import a general journal (or general journal lines) from, say, Excel. Is there an import function that
we can use to that end? Almost like the Import/Export function that exists already in AX (would be nice).

Either importing the entire journal OR creating the journal in AX and importing the lines using the journal
reference would be cool.

We’re working in Dynamics AX 4.0.

Does anyone have any experience in that?

Thanks in advance,

I can’t remember if the data import/export tool exists in AX 4.0, but in 2009 it’s under Admin>Periodic>Data export/import> Definition groups, and that’s the tool that you would use.

Yes those exist in 4.0. Simple would be to create the journal and create a line, then export it to see the format.

And that worked like a charm!

I used the Administration/Periodic/Data export/Import/Excel Spread sheets.

  1. Create a General Ledger Journal to get a Journal #

  2. Use the import function to import lines into the above created journal.

Thanks guys!