General Journal import

Hi, I have created a dataport to import journal entries from a CSV file. However when I run the dataport only the last line on the csv file appears in General Journal. Can someone please advise? I am using Navision 2009. Thanks, Teena

Hard without seeing the code, but I’ll take a shot in the dark. Are you incrementing the line number when you insert?

I did not do any coding. I changed the properties of the dataport as follows:

fieldstartdelimiter :<>

fieldenddelimiter :<>

field separator : <,>

record separator : <>

Dataitem: Gen. Journal Line

Where should I increment the number?

Hi Teena,

If you are not importing or assign the line number of the journal it will default to zero for all lines and as a result overwrite each record and only leave the last record. Two solutions:

  1. Add a line number to the import file and map to the journal line no.

  2. Add code to set the line number per record (as Matt is indicating)

It worked thanks.

It worked. Thanks!!

Glad to Help [:D]