General Business Posting Group on Planning W/sheet

Where is the General Business posting group populated from on the Planning Worksheet? Everytime I run the Calculate Regenerative Plan function, these fields aren’t being populated. I’ve got Business Posting Groups on the relevent customers and suppliers so I’m a bit stuck. Any suggestions?

Hi Gary Not sure if it has a purpose here. The item is planned, when you come to ship and invoice it the General Posting Set-up is referenced. The Business posting group deals with the sales and purchasing elements of the transaction, and these are not here on the planning worksheet. So my question - why do you need it?

I don’t, just realise what I’ve done wrong. The error I was actually getting was when posting the worksheet, it said posting setup for business group ‘’, product group ‘national’ did not exist. However, I misread it as product ‘’, business ‘national’ and you are obliged to specify a product group in the posting setup. Nevermind, thanks for getting back anyway.

No problem Gary, glad you found it!