Gen. Product Posting group

Have you ever face this case? the case : An item can be sold in retail & wholesale In the accounting (chart of account) : sales of retail 701 are seperated from sale of wholesales 702… How can we treat this case if we have one card of the item? Suppose Gen.posting group code are WSGOODS and RETGOODS… Pls if you ever have this problem … Let me know how you solve it ?? I am thinking of a solutions…Pls What do you think of this solution solution to show the column of Gen. Prod posting & change the Gen. Prod posting group on each line .

Hi Is there anything wrong with setting the customers up with the appropriate Retail and Wholesale General “Business” Posting groups, and then set up the appropriate cross reference in the General Posting set-up to post the same item with the same product posting group to different sales accounts as per the setup.

Stevens solution is the only one. If you don’t want to make at lot of changes in standard, that is. If a customer buys in wholesale and in retail, you have to have two cust-accounts.

thank you Steven , thank you Anifinnur, Hi , Steven’s solution is the only one . I have already in Business posting group Foregin & Local I have prepared like this RETFOR - RETLOC - WHFOR - WHLOC it 's great … but I still having something makes me not going throuigh the stanadard … I have 10 % of Local customers are retail & whole sales customers at same time … I am thniking of going through your solution and to add a liitle coding … like adding any field on the customer card to show that i’s retail & WHolesale at the same time … Giving these customer as RETLOC as default in customer card So when we are filling the sales invoices … automatically coding updated on the invoice … To change bus. posting from RETLOC To WHLOC in the invoice… What you think ? I am still thinking of the solution … So pls if you have more ideas , don’t hesitate to inform me about it … I am repeating my thanking for you both.

Hi, you basically have 2 options - or change the Gen. Business Posting Group on the Sales Header, or change the Gen. Product Posting Group on the lines - both solutions are possible and just needs to add the respective field on the forms - of course there are a couple of forms where you need to add this field. One important point to consider is that changing a Gen. Business Posting Group in the header with lines already existing will “recreate” the sales lines with this new Gen. Business Posting Group, so make sure that you do not loose any information of customized fields in the sales lines. IMHO opinion adding the Gen. Product Posting Group on the lines will require less development/coding work but requires more attention from the user… adding the Gen. Business Posting Group field on the header is the more logical approach but requires more testing and you might want to add some validations… Saludos Nils

Hi , Thank you nilsm . I was thinking in this solution from the first … i know it’s wider and more open … but I cann’t apply it … because I cann’t depend on the user as the user has a lot of work to do …and this will require a lot of audting for data … thank you again