Gen Posting Type must not be on Gen journal Line Journal template name Cash Payment

Dear Experts,

In Chart of account for all the GL accounts i mapped Gen product Posting Group and Gen Business Posting Group. My company is not using any vat related activity and taxation hence no quetion come to use purchase and sale General posting should mapped to GL accounts.

When i passing Exp JV or cash payment through cash payment form that time system pop up the above error message.

Please help me to resolve the issue and what shall needs to be done for the same.

If you are posting directly to a G/L Account, please check the G/L Account card: you need to fill the Gen. Posting Type with Sale or Purchase value.

That message actually says GPT must not be BLANK, but it’s hard to notice - msg has 2 spaces between “be” and “on”, whereas there should be at least two single quotes, if not the word “blank”.

This issue is as old as Navision itself, caused by principles of building message text from pieces.

I completed all the general posting setup in the account card, but still can’t get this error message to go away. What’s strange is that it worked for a few payment transaction, and just started bringing this message all of a sudden, without any changes to the posting setup. I tried using exactly the same account, that worked earlier, in the chart of account. This is really unpredictable.