Gen.Journal & diff. G.J.Batches

Hi, For several types of differente mouvements I’d like to assign a specific G.J.Batch. For that, I’ve created different menu link: for each one, and using Gen.Journal (from Gen.Ledger) I want the user to be faced with the right G.J.Batch configured accordingly to the type of mouvement to post. Is there an easy way to do that through normal configuration, or should it be programmed with c/al ? Thanks.

Hello, The simplest way is to create different General Journal Templates for each batch and put a batch in each one. That way when users click on the “General Journal”, they are offered a list of possible batches & you can use the description field to clearly identify each one. Otherwise you will have to code this.

hi Ebloom, I understand what you mean, but really what I’d like to do is to present the user with the predefined g.j.batch when launching it via a specific menu link. I don’t want the user to make any choices from any list…but force him to use that specific g.j.batch. [B)] Assuming a GJ has 5 different batches, I’ve created 5 different menu links: each menu link should launch it’s predefined batch, which (in this case) belon to the same GJ. [;)]