Geeting Error while creating new Retail Statement in AX


Regarding Retail Statement creation, I have few queries:

  1. I am creating a new Retail Statement in AX 2012 R2 and getting below error.

"Store ‘Store No.1’ has no number sequence set up for statements.\nFinish setting up the store before creating statements."

The Number sequnce for Statement ID is already in place under Retail Parameters–> Number sequence Tab.

  1. Apart from this while creating new No sequence for Statement ID, for StoreNo.1 , while taking the scope of Number sequence as Operating Unit, system is not showing the Statement Id reference in RBO Store Area.

I suppose Reason may be: In Segment Configuartion, for RBO Store–> Statement ID, segment is selected as Company not Operating Unit.

But the thing is This field is non editable. Please let me know how can i make this field editable can chnage the segment/scope as Operating Unit (Under RBO Store → Statement ID)

Please Reply. In case if further clarification about query please post.