Gate entry

Dear All

I am using MS Dynamics 6.0 . the problem is when i post the purchase order it shows “the posted gate entry Attachment already exist.” and it could not be posted due to this error.

2nd Problem is in Our account department. when the user post the invoice some times it shows the error. “Gen Prod Posting Gruop must be xxxxx-xxx-xxx” i check the Gen prod posting group it is same what it shows.

Please solve my problems.

There seems a mistake in programming (bug), is there any customisation around this area or just standard Indian localisation?

Use the debugger to find out the reason of above both errors.

Dear Sir

actually we edit that PO and attached the gate entry line . but the gate entry line is old…mean to say that gate entry line is coupled with some other department. plz tell me how can i edit the “GEn Posted group becoz the entry is locked…”

First check the Vendor card to see at what General Bussiness Posting Gruop is this Vendor linked with and then go to “Financial Management” → “Setup” → “Posting Groups” → “General” → Bussiness.

Select the Posting group you want and then click Setup.


Dear sirThis message /error is due to the fact that the “General Prod. Posting Group” is defined at the time of creating of Purchase Order and Purchase Receipt is different from Purchase Invoice. The System checks the Gen. Prod. Posting Group from the Posted Purchase Receipt while making the invoice .

plz tell me is there any way to change the gen posting Group now.