Gantt Chart

There are two places to show Gantt Chart. One is at Capacity report, the other one is at each Production Order. But none of them work! I am using demo database. I didn’t change anything. Is there any configuration I missed?

I preusme you are using 4.0 [:D] I went on the 4.0 course and was told that out of the box the beta version did not work, the settings in the production schedule set-up were not referenced in one of the codeunits or something. I did not write any of it down as I had been told this would be resolved in the GB release and it is - but the W1 beta will not work without manual alteration fo some of the settings. Not very helpful at all was I!! MBS are aware of it so they should be able to help.

Actually, the non-reacting Gantt option is already available in version 3.10 [V]

I am using 3.7. [8D]