Gantt Chart ActiveX Demo License Issue

Hello Everyone,

I have an issue with AX 4.0 sp2 and the Gantt Chart functionality supplied by Netronics. This is a Virtual Machine environment for AX that I believe was duplicate of an existing dev environment. I made some changes to the Gantt control using its control panel (properties | “custom”) and then recieved a notice that the control was not licensed… and then it went into “Demo” mode.

This is the standard Gantt control with AX and we have MSDN licenses for dev, so there isn’t a license issue. But, I suspect that the license is tied to the original install and this is a virtual machine copy of that install. Going into the panel must have caused it to check the license and it found a mismatch to the machine.

Has anyone else ran into this issue? Any ideas on a fix? I have tried re-registering the control with the OS using regserv to no avail. Can I re-install just this component in the virtual environment?

Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.