G/L Setup

Dear All

In G/L Setup General Tab for the field Inv. Rounding Precision are not accepting to enver the value 0.01 the error is

“The field can have a maximum of 0 decimal places” because of this is effecting in every module I not able to place sales order it is also showing same error, please help me.


did you try this?


Yes Itry that, I did not find Autoformat type in which table let me know and the value in Inv. Round Precision is 1 but I need 1.00

In Table 98 - General Ledger Setup, Field no 58-Inv. Rounding Precision (LCY) properies…

I try that not accepting 1.00 value, it acepting only 0 or 1 without decimal, I need to value in two decimal places.