G/L setup Vs User Setup

I am currently facing a challenge with my database. I have allocated users a posting period using the user setup (allow posting from 13/02/12 to 13/02/12) and then in the general ledger setup the posting period is set to 01/01/12-31/12/12. If the users post entries to a date that is not in their range it accepts it and doesnt warn about the transaction being out of the posting date range.

I need help in differentiating the two setups(general ledger setup and user setup).

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It should not work as you said…

If we have setup in usersetup then it should work based on usersetup only not on GLSetup…

I guess you are an end user, so please contact your partner to know whether they have done some modification in this process or not…

No modifications where done , except migrating the NAV server to a new domain.

If you have assigned the “Allow Posting From” field to February 13th, 2012, and the “Allow Posting To” field to February 13th, 2012 in the User Setup table for the user id that is doing the posting then it will only allow you to post something with a “Posting Date” set to February 13th, 2012. If it does, then there has been a modification to your system.

Things to check:

Your current user id. You can get this from File → Database → Information, drill down into the sessions and look for the one that has the “My Session” box checked.

The proper user id has been assigned the correct dates.

The posting date on the document is correct.

Thank you for the reply.

I have checked on everything you suggested and all seems to be in order, but it still bypasses the user setup dates. When you say the system has been modified , what could have been modified that could cause the problem?

Check Codeunit 11 - DateNotAllowed Function if you permissions…

Is it for posting a partcular order like sales/purchase/journal or for all?