G/L Registers are not generated in my report

Hello ,

I have a report and my report is not generating all G/L Registers.
If I filter with posting date/document no/entry no in NAV is ok. My document is there, but when I generate my report with respective posting date and document no there is nothing appearing. If I generate the report with respective posting date and entry no, are generated all document part of this period but my entry no that I filtered is not appearing.

Please can you help me which could be the reason?

You are talking about Report G/L Registers?

Is a new report based on it. but for the moment I cant see how is developed. How could be the reason of this issue? Could it be that are not grouped by entry no?

Does it allow Document No. filter? What happens when you do document no. filter , does it not show anything?

When I generate report just with my document no it doesn’t show me anything. It seems that the document no does not exist in NAV, which is wrong because the doc exits in NAV( in G/L Registers)

Document no. must exist in G/L Entry. G/L Registers report looks at two tables G/L Register and G/L Entry. There must be something wrong with this customised report.

Thank You. I thought that maybe is something wrong with the grouping in the report. Because this happens with some documents, not all the docs :frowning:

G/L Register and G/L Entry are connected together based on entry no.s . So you are saying it works for some document no. and some dont - that is very weird.

Now I am In the report design. The report dataset are: G/L Register and G/L Entry

As I checked,the problem was that the documents that were not generated were all posted from Fixed Asset G/L Journal.

That was the problem.

Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

cool, so it means it was modified [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]