G/L and Cost Code Accoutn Change

Previously I posted a question on changing a G/L number and subsequently found that all was OK except the Job Posting Group field in the Job ledger entry table which was not changed. (I can not change this in the system and our partner will not change)

Our current provider will not back our change of the G/L account number and can not guarantee that the Job posting group is not used elsewhere. And there fore affecting our data possibly 6 months down the line, they do not recommend doing a G/L rename action and will not do a codeunit/form/report search to see where this field is used.

We would like to do the same with some Cost Codes, so I was thinking that I would do the same SQL integrity check to see which tables/fields if any have the old cost code in.

Is my logic flawed in this instance? Is the attitude of ensuring that the tables have all updated to the correct values to ensure data integrity. Correct?

Granted I have no developer’s license to search for any fields that appear to not update, in the code/forms/reports to further check the process flow in relation to the table/data integrity. This is the only remaining area that could be of consequence. Is this correct?

Our partner will not do any of this and recommends a complete new company and port trial balances, or create the new codes in G/L and Cost code dimensions. Use the new codes and leave the old ones on the system.

Any thoughts and recommendations?

If I remember correctly from last thread renaming G/L account solved all your problems except on Job Ledger Entries. You partner should be the company in contact to help you out on this. I don’t know all your case but seems to be quite drastic to create a new company just to rename a G/L account. At least for my dally work renaming records be common task.

Correctly in Portugal we are having a legal update in chart of accounts and we have to rename a few G/L accounts to support this legal change.