G/L Adjust Exhange Rate

Hello Experts,

I want to book some G/L account in diferent currencies, It is posibile to register the entries in diferent currencies?

For exemple Account 1010 in EUR, Account 1020 in USD. In the end of month for this account i need to run adjust Exhange Rate batch job. Is this functionallity in Nav 5.0 SP1

Thanks in advance.

G/L Entries are ALWAYS in LCY - however, you can enter transactions in G/L Journal in other currencies, too - but they’ll be recalculated to LCY immediately.

G.L Entry table has no fields for Amt in other currency than LCY, so after posting a G/L Journal, you loose trace of fact, that transaction was not in LCY. Such functionality exists in, e.g. Bank Account Ledger, so those can be balanced both in LCY and FCY, but even then, when these are posted to GL, currency info is lost in GL, it remains only in BAL.

So, to keep g/l account in FCY currencies its imposible directly, i can sett accounts that i want to keep in FCY as vendor or customer but, in this way i complicate some reports,

Thanks for your information.