G/L accounts to be setup for WIP inventory


I want to know what are the G/L accounts to be setup for WIP inventory along with capacities.

What is the flow of WIP inventory

Thank u

Hi John,

setting up the Chart of Accounts for a company is something that is done by an experienced SENIOR consultant in close cooperation with the client and with the clients accoutants and possibly (in large organizations) their auditors.

If you are a NAV Partner you should refer this issue to a senior consultant in your company that will have had many years of experience and will be able to train you in this by allowing you to sit through 5 - 10 implementations with them as you learn.

Because of the extreme level of disasters that you can create doing this without correct training, its not something you can just learn on a forum.

If you are a NAV End user, then that experienced consultant will come to you and sit with you to analyse your needs and to guide you through the set up process.