G/L Account Filter in Column Layout

How can I apply G/L Account filter in Column Layout? Please suggest some quick workaround.

where exactly do u need it? report/form?

in the report. lets say I have a column A where I want to display amount from particular G/L Account only. Thanks.

If your report is based on G/L Account, you can filter it by using ReqFilterFields.

I did not get. In fact I want it in the column layout setup on Account Schedule.


Please clarify if this is a form or a report !

Sound to me , that is a form. IF so , maybe you want a flowfield not a filter .

tell us more!


Its about Account Schedule - Column Layout. If you see the fields available in Column Layout, you can see Dimension 1 Totaling, Dimension 2 Totaling and so on. So what I want is a new filed where I can filter for a particular G/L Account in a column so then I would be able to print report or run the Account Schedule Overview with the desired result.

I hope this now clear and expecting your help. Thanks

Hi Ayrus,

As far as I can see, it is not possible to filter on GL account in the Column layout Set Up.

Why don’t you use the Totaling field in the account schedule line setup ? Maybe you need to change the presentation of your account schedule ?

Hi Ayrus…

Column Layout are not filterable… they are designed Layout/Templates/Views.

Have you looked at G/L by dimension’s?

We modified account schedule column layout to address this issue. Added a filed “G/L Account Filter” in the column layout table and did few customization. Whenever there is a value in the column layout “G/L Account Filter” it replace the result that comes from account schedule row :slight_smile: .

Thanks All.