G/L Account does't keep a manual entry in Job Ledger Entry

I have this problem:
I have a Purchase order which has a line of G/L Account type and a Job No and it’s Unit Cost (LCY) is 0.
I post the Receipt of this order. The Job Leger Entry line has Cost = 0.
I then pick the receipt line in my Purchase Invoice and change the Unit Cost (LCY) to 10.
I post the Invoice. The Job Ledger Entry line has still Cost = 0 (while using the articles this cost changes after invoicing). So I decided to change it manually… filling in the 4 fields (Unit Cost and Total, LCY and not) with the value I put in my invoice. It kept my values…

After some days I checked the Job Ledger Entry… and discovered that these values are 0 again!!

I’m trying to figure out what could cause this reset… I re-did the cycle trying to replicate the error: after doing what I write above, I tried to post another receipt, but the cost was not resetted… Nor by invoicing another line of the same Account and the same Job…

I don’t know if I have explained myself… anybody can help?


Found the problem… was a copying procedure which gave that problem… now fixed

thanks to all who have read this topic and thought to the possible answer for at least one second :wink: