G/L Account and Dimension Subtotals.

Hi Everyone

We have the several dimensions (4) we use for each account number (Division / Location / Project / Employee). Say I were to run a standard data dump that spit out 2000 lines of data for GL account 4005, with many of them sharing the same Division/Location/Project codes, Is there a way to do a report that spits out only the unique combinations – essentially just subtotaling everything that qualifies into the unique items?

Hi Donald,

Since the dimensions functionality was completely rewritten for NAV 2013, then it’s important to know which version you’re using.

My apologies,

This is for Dynamics NAV 2009 R2

Sorry to say that this report would be possible to do in a split second in NAV 2013.

In NAV 2009 it’s a lot more complex as the dimension values are not recorded directly on the G/L Entry, but in a sub table. So you’ll either have to do with the standard Dimension Analysis functionality, or build a new report.

You can use Analysis by dimension for reporting purpose.