funny behaviour of index and filters

Hey All,

(Its classic client v5. SQL server 2005)

here is a strange problem , i faced and do not have a root cause yet .

WE have a report on table cust ledg entry. , it has various filters on posting date document no. etc.

What I have noticed that if the filter is set on document no. it will give me different results when the fitler is

SNO12.. vs SNO12*

I am pretty sure its a SQL related issue but not sure what is the proper solution . We told the customer to use the filter one way :slight_smile:

Any thoughts?



It’s two different thing you’ve inputed :

SNO12.. means From SNO12 To [empty] , which also included SNO13, SNO14, and ZAB9999901

SNO12* means everything begin with SNO12 , which included SNO1234567, but not ZAB9999901.