FUNCTIONAL PRERQUISITES for every granule n Navisi

Hi All!! I’m new to Navision… I’ve been learning it in the DEMO pack provided. I’m now able to navigate and post various entries…with the already existing demo Data base. The issue now arises when I’ll have to do this for a new company without any already existing Data Base. Is there a book or a website, where I can learn the FUNCTIONAL PRERQUISITES for every granule in Navision ??? as I’m in the Functional side Pls reply Shilpa

Hi Shilpa, the Navision Order Form which all Partners use when ordering granules shows the pre-requisites for each granule. This can be downloaded from Partnersource. Also on Partnersource, you will find a document which outlines what each granule does. All this is assuming that you have access to Partnersource. Paul

[B)] Did you look at recent posts? I just started a thread about exactly this a couple of days ago. Please take a look at these three threads. If you are interested, please reply to them. thanks. Also you can take a look at my book. It got stalled over christmas, but is now moving again.

Shipla If you want to learn from a clean company you could create a new company in the cronus demo database and use the “Copy Data” feature (Administration, General, Setup Checklist, Functions Button, Copy Data). This will give you all the basic information like G/L accounts and Acounting Periods but no transactions. You will need to create some items, customers and vendors to buy and sell but this is a good exercise in itself. You will also need to manually define the no. series fields in the various setup tables as the copy data function does not copy these. Good luck… Chris.

Thank you all!!!