Functional Developer


I’m new to ERP functional consulting. I’ve joined as a technical developer and now they put me in Functional side.

I’m from technical background and it’s bit difficult for me to understand the Ledger,Journal,BalanceSheet.

I’m using AX2012 R3, their is no particular module in which i have to be perfectionist. But i need guidance with what or from where i can start to become functional developer.

Please suggest :

As, I’m from core technical background.Which module i have to start with ?

Which book i have to refer for Functional aspects(Basic understanding) ?

Any online material or website ?

I’m new to this forum. Lets help each other and contribute this forum to grow like stackoverflow and codeproject.


Vidur Bakshi

To understand the financial term, I can suggest you to go through this book: The Accounting Game: Basic Accounting Fresh from the Lemonade Stand.

SAADULLAH, I edited your reply because your link looked like illegal sharing of copyrighted material. If it was the case, please don’t do it again. If it’s now somehow possible to legally share this book, I’ll be happy to put the link back.

In connection to Vidur Bakshi’s concerned, is it necessary to have a training or workshop on Accounting?

It can’t be answered without knowing what job you’ll do and what you mean by “a training or workshop”. It makes a difference whether you’re a developer or functional analyst focused on accounting, and whether the training takes two hours or a month.

It’s a matter of you don’t have a knowledge in Functional side and they put you there instantly. Do I need a training or simply read the book recommended above?

That knowledge is acquired through whatever medium suits you best, yes undertake training in accounting if you dont understand it before being trained on a tool that assists in the tasks of accounting.

I wanna be a functional developer, sorry for late reply. Actually i was working in CRM as functional tester. Now again i moved back to AX. Now i have no interest in technical part. So do start with am confused .
Just help me in to suggest which book i have refer to kickStart my journey for Functional Role in ERP ( Specific to CRM and AX).
Looking forward for your quick help.