Function to access the server path

I need to run an exe file residing in the server from the client through CAL. Is there any function available to perform the same.

Quick : put the exe on a shared path from the server map the share on the client to a logical path (for all machines the same in the network !) execute the exe file per shell() Nice : put the exe file into navision (Blob fiels) lod the fields local to e.g.: c:\temp execute the exe file per shell ()

Better: create the program as as ocx, and call it directly from navision. PS wouln’t it be great if you could combine nice and better, i.e. have ocxs stored in blobs that are then automatically registered on the client.

But you can have OCX components stored in BLOB fiels that are automatically registered on the client at run-time. Use the usual trick to store the OCX file in a BLOB field. At run-time, extract it to a temporary file and register it using a call to the REGSVR32 command. Do whatever you want to do with the OCX, then unregister it and delete the temp file. This is all very nice in theory but I think it would only work for Admin Users. I’m not sure if REGSVR32 requires Admin permissions to succeed but I would suspect so. Maybe someone wants to try it and report the result? [:D]

Hey Nelson, that is a great solution. I think the security issue can be resolved. I don’t have the time now, but will try it some time. If any one gets it working in the meantime, please post the results. I would recomend leaving it registered though, since it is logical that the user will use it again.