function invent trans.inventmovement has been used incorrectly


can we have any solution for the below mentioned issue while posting the transfer order

we are getting the below error while receive the Transfer order

error is function invent trans.inventmovement has been used incorrectly.



Does it happens all the time?

Are there any changes to the standard code? Have a dev to debug and see the code that is resulting this error?

Hi Kranti,

Thanks for your reply

This is the 1st time happend

there is no any changes in std code and we taken the live DB into test to re produce the same in test and we are able to post the same TO in test




I would suggest to compile forward the related classes once. May be this can work not sure.

Dear Kiran,

we are getting this error when we use particulat TO warehouse in Transfer order

Ex: item 10879 & TO warehouse is EE01

while posting the receive TO, we are getting this error.

Thanks in advance for early reply.



Specific case means that you need to debug the code. Take help from developer to debug this for you and find out what is that particular setting which is leading to this problem.

Hi Kiran,

This error getting when posting any inventory transactions.

Please let us know root cause and solution for this issue.