function create item in company


Any one of you have same experience as follwong when using AX feature to create item through intercompany.

i did configure The EndPoints. Example: Set configure > items tab > handling item number (Document value) =“our” & Handling units > Document value =“our” for both company (Company A & company C).

I still facing system error : “conversion of unit code > conversion of code was not specific”" when use

inventory details form > functions > create item in company

Appreciate for any solution?



Are the unit created in both companies? (both inventory unit and bo, unit)


Yes, both company have same unit conversion. I still figuring the problem…

example: company A (Supplier), B (supplier), C (customer).

Endpoint for company C : Supplier A, Supplier B. Item value =" company Item"

Endpoint for company A: Customer C, Item value =" company Item"

When create item 123 from Company C to company A. It managed create without problem in the company A

Delete item 123 from company A. and try create item 123 from Company A to company C, It hit that message…

Both environment having same configuration.