Full name of the country to be displayed


I have an issue with displaying full name of the country in the Address details

E.g I created a new Vendor V001 with full address and in the Country i chose SAU (Saudi Arabia).

While creating a PO for this Vendor, it shows the full address, but at the last line it displays the country as SAU. I need to show the full address and country name Saudi Arabia instead of SAU.

I have seen in Contosso company, that the name of the country is dispalyed as Unites States of America for any vendor if the country is marked as USA in the address setup for a Vendor.

Please advise.


It need to be defined at Address format level, use Expanded check mark for country/region for showing the full country name.

Dear Kranthi,

Thank you so much for this.

I never knew that this small check box makes a big difference. (:

Really appreciate your sincere efforts in the forum. Keep going…



Dear Kranthi,

I have one more issue

In the Organisation Admin-setup-Organisation-Legal entities

I have the first line marked as PRIMARY

Along with the street, PO Box etc. Country is KSA.

My intention is to refresh the country code KSA, so that it will display the full name

I clicked on EDIT, but unfortunately, the country field is GREY, I am unable to do anything in this effect.

Please advise



Change the Zip/postal code(but note the other address field values before this change to make sure nothing is being overwritten)

Excellent it works

Thanks a lot for this