Full features of AX environment in a laptop

Hi all.

I have a solution issue here. I am intend to set up an environment for less than 10 concurrent users.

This environment will be used for future POC, Demo, & Training purpose and it will need to house all range of features provided by AX e.g., Role Centers, EP, Workflow, Sharepoint. Windows domain appliances will be sitting in same environment as well, e.g. Active Directory, IIS.

I am intend to set this up on a laptop with dual quad-cores processors and 8GB of ram over Windows Server 2008 R2. Is this sufficient enough to support all above, and providing a good performance?

Hi Kenny,

First of all why would you want to set up this environment in a laptop?

My .02 cents -

I don’t think your proposal will be adequate for requirements of such proportion.

I have seen developers setting up local instances as a PDE; but I have never come across setting up environment in laptop for such requirement and magnitude.

If cost is a consideration, you can look into virtualisation technologies such as Hyper V and VMware.

Last but not least here is a link to Ax 2009 system requirements (http://www.microsoft.com/dynamics/en/us/using/ax-system-requirements-2009.aspx). As much as possible try to adhere to these guidelines; else MS might not support your instance.

Best wishes,

Hi Harish,

Thanks for your reply. [8-|]

The main purpose of having this is to accommodate on followings scenarios:-

  • Mobility for training purposes
  • Demo / POC purposes for users hands on
  • Domain log-on for developers to install AX 2009 instances

I had gone through the min. requirements earlier, and I don’t see any differences attribute that would set the laptop & server hardwares apart except for the HDD rpm speed.

Could you advice on this?