FTP Reporting using Job Queue


We are exporting one report in excel and transferring via excel and it run successfully when run manually.

When it is scheduled via Job Queue it is not transferring file.

Any ideas?

NAV version -2009 Sp1

Any issues with credentials? What account is NAS running under?

Hi ,

If you are using an external .exe that may not run under NAS (needs to be trusted) .

How do you transfer the file ?


Yes it is external EXE

How to make it trustable ??

You can search the forum for solution :))

here is one :



Hi Amol,

I am using CUTEFTP exe to upload the txt file through Job Queue on the FTP server using Navision Version 2009 SP1.

The thing works fine for few days and suddenly below issue/error get start coming in Job Queue

"This message is for C/AL programmers:

Could not create an instance of the OLE control or Automation server identified by

GUID={1B04F22B-5012-432D-8EA0-B57DD75EBF9D} 9.0:{112EA537-7AB9-4E22-8BFB-7FD5FCB19849}:‘CuteFTPPro 9.0 Type Library’.TEConnection.


Any idea or help would be great ?