ftech Enum value in report

hi frnds…

i am preparing a report and here i want to fetch some particular value of an Enum, so what should i do for it.

plz tell me.

enum values will assign as integers to the enum. when you want the fetch t6he enum value from an enum you can mention the enumId in the code.

in the fetch or display method you can write the code, from there in query or code you can mention the enum name and enumid like Week::1 or Week::Sunday. and call this method from the control in the design of the report. try it…it may be helps you…

static void NirmalEnumValue(Args _args)
int value;
DictEnum dict;
dict = new DictEnum(enumNum(NoYes));
value = dict.symbol2Value(“Yes”); //Gets the value in int

This will help you